PFLAG Central Oregon

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Our vision.

PFLAG envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Our mission.

Our mission is to build on a foundation of loving families united with LGBTQ people and allies who support one another, and to educate ourselves and our communities to speak up as advocates until all hearts and minds respect, value and affirm LGBTQ people.

PFLAG Central Oregon Meetings

Bend Location

Facilitator:  Cait Boyce

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month (Except for July and August, we take a hiatus for the summer and return in September)  

Where:  Nativity Lutheran Church

60850 Brosterhous Rd., Bend

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

This facility is ADA accessible. PFLAG is not affiliated with the Nativity Lutheran Church but it is an affirmative, and welcoming church to the LGBTQ community.


Prineville Location 

Facilitator:  Becky Groves

Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month.  (Except for November and December, we take a hiatus for the holidays and return in January)

Where:  Prineville Presbyterian Church

1771 NW Madras Hwy, Prineville

6:30PM - 8:00PM


Please call our Infoline at 541-728-3843 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Calendar of Events


May 10th in Bend

Nativity Lutheran Church

60850 Brosterhaus Rd. in Bend

6:30- 8:00 PM

It's been waaaay too long since we've all been together and we just can't stand it any longer!
Now that Covid is rapidly declining in Central Oregon we are restarting our monthly meetings on May 10!

As a celebration of being able to get together, and to bear witness to some of the ugly laws being passed against our trans brothers and sisters, we are dedicating our May 10 meeting to having our incredible TransPanel discussion group! Friends and family will be able to ask questions, get insights and hear the stories of our trans community members young and old.

And I'm not spilling the beans but we will have an incredible HUGE surprise guest, a transgender activist and a friend to this community.

May 26th in Prineville
Prineville Presbyterian Church (1771 Madras Hwy)
6:30 - 8:00 PM

From the National Center for Transgender Equality:
Most people – including most transgender people – are either male or female. But some people don't neatly fit into the categories of "man" or "woman," or “male” or “female.” For example, some people have a gender that blends elements of being a man or a woman, or a gender that is different than either male or female. Some people don't identify with any gender. Some people's gender changes over time.

People whose gender is not male or female use many different terms to describe themselves, with non-binary being one of the most common. Other terms include genderqueer, agender, bigender, and more. None of these terms mean exactly the same thing – but all speak to an experience of gender that is not simply male or female.

You are invited to come learn what it means to identify as non-binary and how to respectfully support the people in your life who may identify this way.

Upcoming Events you won't want to miss!

Central Oregon Pride in Bend on June 25th - Drake Park

Prineville Pride Festival in Prineville on June 26th - Pioneer Park in downtown Prineville

PFLAG's Annual Picnic on August 6th at Sam Johnson Park in Redmond

Poison Waters returns to Central Oregon for a fundraiser for PFLAG on September 24th

Congratulations to the 2022 Cliff Cook Memorial Scholarship recipients! They have been awarded $500 each.

Morgaine Peskin Stalker

Alexandria Johnston

Trace Terrell

Katherine West

We're so proud of your ambitions and community service!  Best of luck in the future!

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